5 Signs that Your Pool Pump is Going Out

How do You Know if Your Pool Pump is Going Out?

your pool pump is going outPool pumps can be an expensive replacement, Proper use and maintenance can extend the life of your pool pump but eventually it will quit working. It’s important to try and catch problems early, so repairs can be made before they escalate. A small problem left alone for too long can lead to catastrophic failure, at that point your only option is replacement. Here are five signs that your pool pump is going out.

1. The Pool Pump’s Motor is Making a Loud Noise

The easiest symptom to recognize of a failing pool pump is a loud noise. If you haven’t noticed the sound and your neighbors haven’t beaten down your door, it’s probably not an issue for you.

Does your pool pump does sound like a blender with rocks in it?

This might mean that your pump impeller is vibrating against the pad it rests on top of. Or, it could be cavitation, which happens when the impeller spins too fast and can’t get water in quickly enough, (could indicate a clogged line).

Is your pump whistling, whining or screaming?

If it is, your neighbors will probably ask you about it, it can get pretty loud. This noise is a little more urgent, it often indicates increased friction on the motor shaft. The electro magnets spin the shaft to the motor and steel ball bearings spin around it to keep it in line and moving smoothly. If the bearings are breaking down or freezing up, it can increase the friction, mess up the alignment of the shaft or cause other types of damage. Catching a strange or loud noise early on can save you an expensive headache.

2. The Pool Pump’s Motor is Pulling in Air.

If your pool pump isn’t air tight it can cause problems. If you have a transparent pump lid, you should be able to see if there is an air pocket. An air pocket can really affect circulation and make it difficult to keep the pump primed. Air is one of the most common problems for a pool pump, it surrounds the pipes and is always looking to find a way in. If the seal wears out where the pipe threads into the pump, air can come it, if a pipe cracks or a piece of plumbing malfunctions, air rushes in. Remember, air rises to the highest point, which will probably the pump. Make sure to check the pump frequently to see if it is collecting air, then call us out to locate the problem.

3. The Pool Pump is Leaking Water.

Where our last problem was caused by the depressurization of the plumbing, allowing air into the system, a leak is caused by being over pressurized without an escape route. Water gets out the same way that air gets in:
• Bad shaft seal
• Bad thread seal
• Shrunken threads on the discharge pipe
• Bad impeller housing O-ring
• A crack in a pipe
Unlike finding where air is sneaking in, you can usually see where and how water is escaping, which makes it even easier to be sure that you have a pool plumbing problem and call us out to take care of it.

4. Pool Pump isn’t Moving Water

If your pump isn’t pulling water through it, you have a blockage. This is probably the easiest problem to look into on your own. Check your baskets and skimmer to see if it’s clogged, if that doesn’t work check to see if your pump impeller is clogged (like the rock Nemo used to stop the impeller on the fish tank filter). Probably safer at this point to have us out to take a look at it.

5. The Motor Won’t Work or it Turns Off Unexpectedly

If your pump’s motor runs, but turns off over and over, it could be overheating. In the middle of an Arizona summer day (110-123 degrees) when everyone in the neighborhood is running their AC, there might not be enough juice to power the pump. Turning off, in this case is a safety feature, keeping the motor from catastrophic failure. You can fix this problem by scheduling your pool pump to run in the evening.
If the motor stops running, check your power. If you’re getting power, check to see if you can hear the motor humming. If you have power, hear humming, but no parts are moving, your pump might have a bad capacitor. I highly recommend not trying to fix this on your own, get us on the phone and we’ll take care of it.

These tips should help you save money on a pump replacement, keep your pool clean and running smoothly. Remember, Nexus is here for all your Pool care and repair needs.

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