Acid Washing

“Why do I need an acid wash? What is the benefit?”

First, here in the Phoenix Area we have pretty “mineral filled” water, so we need to change out the old water and add fresh water about every 3 years. During the year, the high calcium content in our water mixes with dirt, sunscreen, body oils, etc.. This causes a layer or film on the interior of the pool. Although it might not be obvious to the naked eye, almost every pool we have acid washed has had this layer. If not addressed, it can shorten the life of your pool finish and cause serious staining that cannot be removed.

How it works!

Acid washing a pool starts by power washing the pool interior, to blast some of the scum and build-up off. To get the deeper discolorations out we use a concentrated amount of acid with our own special additive to brighten the finish of the pool. As we go through every square inch of the pool, we are eliminating this build-up and getting back to the original plaster/pebble tec, leaving your pool bright and clean.

We then follow this up by power washing the interior of the pool again and vacuuming all of the dirt and scum off the pool floor, getting it out of the pool. We like to think of it as sanding down the interior surface of your pool, but utilizing our powerful chemicals instead of sand. When we are all finished, you will not only be pleased by the aesthetics, but your pool surface feel new again.