Chlorine Washing

What the difference is between chlorine washing and acid washing?

Generally, although washing down the pool with chlorine is not as aggressive as an acid wash, it has similar benefits. For instance, chlorine washing is a better treatment for removing algae from a swimming pool, than acid washing. If your pool has struggled with yellow, green or black algae, a chlorine wash and power spray treatment will eliminate the algae and sanitize your pool surface, ridding it of algae spots and new algae growth.

Eradicate Stubborn Algae

Some algae, like black algae, actually have roots that dig into the pool finish and sometimes the only way to eliminate them is with a chlorine wash. Most pools are prone to black algae because they hide in the hard-to-reach areas of your pool. If you don’t get every inch of the pool each time you brush it those missed areas are where it is likely to grow. If it has already taken hold, algae can sit in these areas unaffected by your work and continue growing, at that point it’s definitely time for a chlorine wash.

Even if you do not battle algae regularly, we recommend chlorine washing your pool every 3 years to sanitize and clean the pool interior and leave a fresh bowl filled with new water for your family and friends to hang out in.