Policies & Procedures

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Nexus Pool Care as your swimming pool care provider. As a licensed and insured company, we offer the most effective and efficient service in the industry. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained as pool operators and are motivated to give your pool the attention that it needs. The following guidelines will familiarize you with the key aspects of our service.

If you have chosen our full service program, on a weekly basis you can expect to have your pool brushed, skimmed, baskets emptied, water chemistry levels checked and adjusted, and your equipment inspected for leaks and damage. Vacuuming services are performed on an as-needed basis but only for pools with functioning cleaning systems. Salt cell cleanings and filter backwashing is included in all of our general service programs. Filter cleanings are performed at an additional cost and according to manufacturer recommendations. (Cartridge filters every 4 months or 7PSI increase and D.E. filters semi-annually)

To ensure that your pool is serviced adequately each week, we have implemented a 10 minute minimum on every pool. Removing solar covers, pool toys, tubes, rafts etc. is not part of our weekly service and is on the responsibility of the home owner. After each visit we will provide you with a weekly service report via email. We will also communicate to you through this log and notify you of needed repairs. We do not issue re-imbursements for missed weekly maintenance visits due to locked gates or un-detained animals. Your monthly service rate is based on a 50 week annual service schedule, since our service department is closed during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your service day falls on any of the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day, we will provide you with a chemical and basket service only.

From time to time there will be needed repairs to the equipment. Nexus technicians will always estimate any needed repair prior to performing them unless the repair involves one of the following items: tab floaters, skimmer baskets, skimmer weirs, pump baskets, filter pressure gauges, and autofill valves (not to exceed $25.00 per part.) These repairs will be billed directly to the customer. Other repairs will always require a customer approval via email.

Our invoicing system is processed through Intuit QuickBooks. On the first day of every month you will receive your monthly invoice statement via email. Your invoice will be for the month in which it was received and will have a due date of the 15th. We offer 3 payment options. First, our preferred method of IPN is offered through the “Pay Now” link on your emailed invoice. Second, through our office you may set up Auto-Pay with the secured Intuit site at no additional cost. Auto-Pay accounts will be billed on the 10th of every month or nearest business day. Third, checks can be mailed to the address stated on the monthly invoice. Company policy inhibits service technicians from collecting payments for weekly maintenance. Repair invoices are due upon completion of the repair. Service will be suspended without notice by the 15th of the following month on any delinquent accounts.

Our commitment is to provide you with quality service at an affordable rate. Have confidence that your pool will receive exceptional care by our certified technicians and expert staff. We thank you for your business and look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Best Regards,

Nexus Pool Care