After Hours

Should you be experiencing an emergency after hours, here are the 3 main things to do until we can be reached on the next business day:


Turn Off Your Pool

To turn of the pump/motor to your pool simply locate your home’s breaker panel. Once inside, locate ether breakers that say “POOL and POOL LIGHT” and simply shut off the breakers that are connected to pool lines. Some timers are run though the pool light breakers, so be sure to shut that off as well.


Pool Over-Filling

In the event that your pool is over-filling, locate the nearest hot-water bib to the pool and shut off the water supply line. Be sure to turn all the valves perpendicular to the water main, this will ensure that your water stops over flowing. In most cases, if the in-deck auto-fill is jammed or has gone bad it will continually, trying to fill the pool until it’s replaced.


Vacuum Problems

If the vacuum is not moving, simply check the bottom of the vacuum for debris. Sometimes, just vacuuming over a rock, small toy or leaves is enough to clog your vacuum. Once the obstruction is free, the vacuum should begin moving around the pool again. If not, let us know the vacuum type and we would be happy to stop by to repair the vacuum.

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