Pool Tile Cleaning

Our tile cleaning service is cutting edge, literally

The best way to start your tile cleaning process is with an empty pool because, without the water in the way, we can reach every angle of your pool without being blocked by any water. With all of your pool tiles exposed and within reach, we’ll be able to make your tiles look shiny and new again.

Revive Your Pool's Shine

At Nexus Pool Care, our special blend of glass bead material and high powered, large capacity equipment, we can remove the calcium and scum that build up on tiles at and below the water-line, without etching or damaging your pool tiles. Our tile cleaning techniques can even be effective for cleaning rock waterfall features, tile walls, and sheer descents. Unfortunately, artificial rock cannot be cleaned without damaging the finish.

Once we are finished with the cleaning of the waterline, we apply a liquid polish that leaves the tiles glossy and bright, preventing the tiles from growing calcium deposits along the waterline so rapidly, again.

Our pool tile cleaning services really can transform the look of your pool and make it look and feel brand new again.